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Project Better

A story of purpose...

Project Better is a story of two entrepreneurs on a mission to work on causes that fit with their values.

It starts with working 12-14 hours a day, often 7 days a week, and all for someone else and without any real purpose.

When you're working like this a time comes when you need to make a decision - keep doing all this for nothing, or go after causes that matter with everything you've got?

The answer was clear, the decision was made, and the two entrepreneurs began to build businesses to create the changes they wanted to see in the world - businesses with purpose. 

But this path comes with its own problems - the entrepreneurs realised they weren't the people they needed to be to have maximum impact on their causes. To really create change, they needed to become better.

How do you get better when you're already working 100 hours a week on things that matter to you? Where do you find the energy to keep going after a long day full of challenges? Where do you find the drive to work and the focus to perform when you've already worked harder today than most people work in a week?

The solution didn't just present itself, the entrepreneurs had to go looking. Eating for energy, exercising to stay alert, meditating to stay calm and focused, they tried everything. 

And every one of these things helped.

But nothing helped more than nootropics - brain boosting supplements made with natural ingredients that support peak brain performance.

Project Better was born.


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Who is Project Better for?

Project Better is for young creators - people with purpose, visionaries, who know the change they want to see in the world and are doing something about it.


Who is Project Better not for?

Letting life happen to you? Blaming others for where your life is going instead of taking responsibility? Never thought about what matters to you and how to make that happen? Then Project Better is not for you.


Are you already feeling the pain?

The truth is if you're working on something that matters to you, really matters, you're already feeling the pain of not being good enough. You know that if you were better you'd be able to do more, to have more of an impact. 

In reality the body can endure, it's the mind that gets tired.  Physically you can keep going, but mentally you reach your limit. 

Project Better Nootropics help you to raise the bar, to extend your limits. With more energy you can keep working, and with more focus your performance doesn't drop. 

That's the secret to becoming better without taking away from your core purpose. That's why you should care.


What changes will you see?

So what can you expect when you start taking Project Better nootropics?

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More energy

Work harder for longer

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Focus attention

Suffer less distractions and work instead of procrastinating 

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Elevate mood

Stay happy and optimistic 

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Improve learning

Learn more easily and remember more of what matters

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Increase drive

Get the motivation to keep going when the going gets tough


Read the reviews...

5 star review

"Couldn't have come into the Nootropic game more sceptical. These are a game changer, concentration elevated through the whole day, and give me the energy to carry on even after my work day has finished!!!"

- Andrew D, Facebook


5 star review

"Nootropics are fantastic for building new networks in the brain, definitely a must have if learning something new."

- Nathan G, Facebook

5 star review

"Project Better Nootropics keep me more focused throughout my day at work. I seem to be a lot calmer and more relaxed with stressful situations. Even after a full day I've still got the energy for a serious workout at the gym. Great stuff."

- Jen G, Facebook

5 star review

"Only just been introduced to Nootropics and have to say I wish I knew about them sooner. Definitely more productive, and focused, Project Better is the way to go."

- Mark M, Facebook

5 star review

"Don't know what I'd do without my Project Better supplements."

- Jayne N, Instagram


So what are you waiting for? It's time to take action. Your life won't change unless you do. 

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Be your best self on demand.

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